Fraud and Scam Alert

Recruitment Fraud

The statements below are highlighted to help and protect both you and your privacy and DOF's reputation.

The DOF Group only handles employment offers and other related matters through its official web channels, including but not limited to:,, and

Direct contact
Occasionally a prospect will receive direct contact from a DOF recruiter whose email address will be easily determinable as authentic as it will come from one of the following corporate domains:,, and

Advertised positions
Employment advertisements visible in various media, including newspapers and online job listing aggregators, will always feature a contact email address with one of the previously indicated corporate domains.

Identifying suspicious communication
All other advertised positions outside of our official web channels and all direct communications coming from email addresses differing from those previously indicated are likely to be fraudulent in nature and they do not represent, nor do they speak on behalf of the DOF Group.

Additionally, take note that no recruitment activities in the DOF Group require an application or filing fee.

Be aware of recruitment fraud: It is always ok to contact a DOF representative through our contact page to confirm or rule out potentially suspicious claims.