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Change in shareholding

Ref. notification of 27 October describing change in shareholding in DOF ASA based on agreement between Perestroika AS and Møgster Offshore AS, related party to Helge Møgster, Chairman of DOF ASA. Following this notification, minority shareholders in Møgster Offshore AS representing in total 0,47% of the shares in Møgster Offshore AS, have received an offer from Laco AS to sell their shares in Møgster Offshore AS. Helge Møgster has in response to such offer today sold  226 shares in Møgster Offshore AS to Laco AS, which also is a related party to Helge Møgster. These shares represent 0,02% of the shares in Møgster Offshore AS, and indirectly 0,009% of the shares in DOF ASA. Following the transaction, Helge Møgster owns all of his shares in Møgster Offshore AS indirectly, through Laco AS.

The above information is mandatory according to the Securities Trading Act section 4-2.