The DOF story

Setting the Standard
The DOF adventure started at Austevoll, Norway in 1981.
DOF was founded with the aim to be a leading participant in the growing North Sea offshore industry. The business concept was based on a long term strategy to provide a modern fleet of offshore vessels, and to engage these vessels on long-term contracts. More than 35 years have passed. We now operate with offices and vessels all over the world.
The primary vision remains the same, but the services offered to the market are more complex, diversified and on a global scale.
We are always looking for new and profitable markets, innovative vessel designs and better, safer and more efficient ways to solve our operations. We understand that the success of tomorrow depends on our dedication and commitment today, and we are always ready for new challenges.

A shared history in LACO

DOF has a strongly rooted history in Austevoll, Norway and the LACO 30 video, from 2011, will tell you all about how DOF became a global company.