The DOF Group is committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees. A major part in providing this is the Permit to Work system.

E-Learning the DOF way.

E-Publication Library

HSEQ-related publications, including our Code of Conduct, the Business Management System (BMS) Manual and our HSEQ Workbook.

Induction Video

View the DOF Group General Vessel Induction video, produced as the start to your induction when coming onboard a DOF vessel.

Part of the DOF E-Learning system, the Permit to Work E-Learning module is mandatory for all personnel executing any work at and on all DOF vessels.

The DOF Group utilizes an e-learning system developed by Safety Media as a part of training employees and subcontractors. Our module database is currently available in multiple languages, including English and Portuguese.

Read more about our key modules HERE on our website: E-Learning Info.

The training is developed as an E-Learning system that is available in three ways:
  • On the internal DOF network;
  • On standalone CDs distributed to the vessels;
  • On an external website hosted by the software vendor.

The web-based, external system can be accessed HERE. Once on the website, please sign up as “New User” and complete the registration form. When this has been done, you can log in and complete the available modules.