Our employee commitment and involvement ensures that all DOF representatives do business the "right way."

The DOF Group is committed to a culture of corporate compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance. Having a whistleblowing routine is part of our commitment.
You will find the DOF Group’s global standard for whistleblowing in our BMS or by contacting your local HSEQ manager.
When addressing a concern you should escalate the report gradually; first to your manager or senior manager. Should you decide your concern needs to go further; report directly to the Legal or Human Resources Department. You can also report directly to the Head of the Internal Audit Board, or to our Chief Executive Officer.



DOF recognizes that a person reporting unacceptable conduct may wish to be anonymous, and a form is available in our BMS for reporting anonymously. We handle all whistleblowing with confidentiality and there is no need to fear reprisals for reporting your concerns.