Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Hugin 1000 AUV

DOF Subsea is the proud owner of a Hugin 1000 AUV. This system is one of the most advanced tools for geophysical mapping and pipeline inspection.
The new system is a state of the art HUGIN 1000, 3000 meter depth rated with Lithium batteries, EM2040 MBES, Edgetech SSS 100/400kHz (will be replaced with a 200/800kHz), Edgetech SBP 2-12kHz and a Digital Still Camera with LED Illumination Panels.

The HUGIN 1000 represents the third generation of the HUGIN vehicles and builds upon the extensive track-record accumulated through the commercial survey operations with the HUGIN I/II and HUGIN 3000 systems. The system is built around the same principles as HUGIN 3000, but is only half the volume, still maintaining the capability of carrying a sophisticated suite of sensor systems.

Glider AUV

The Skandi Explorer Gliders are the most versatile and robust of DOF Subsea’s Ocean Observation Systems. Gliders are ultra-efficient and low-power autonomous underwater vehicles designed to collect water column data for extended periods of time.
The Skandi Explorers can be deployed in remote areas of the world and operated from our shore-based flight control center in Houston, TX, USA. Vessels are only needed to launch and recover the vehicles. All operational control of the vehicle is accomplished by shore-based staff using an advanced piloting and data aggregation program.
DOF Subsea is pioneering this technology in the Oil and Gas Industry. The systems report absolute and relative current velocities, measure physical and chemical ocean properties, harvest subsea data via acoustic modems, and detect oil in the water column— all while staying offshore, continuously deployed for months at a time before requiring a battery change.